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  • Frog Kigurumi

    Frog Kigurumi Sazac Unlike other onesies, this one is made for comfort Bear onesies It is designed to be a comfortable pajama with flippers, a white belly, and a roomy frog face hood. The frog kigurumi is suitable for adults and teens. It is designed to fit adults with heights of 182 cm or taller. […]

  • Goat Kigurumi

    Goat Kigurumi Whether you have an animal lover in your family or not, a goat kigurumi is sure to delight them Cheshire cat Onesies There are many different styles and colors available to choose from, and you will be sure to find one that fits your unique style. These styles are perfect for both girls […]

  • Buying a Bat Kigurumi

    Buying a Bat Kigurumi Whether you are looking for a bat kigurumi for your kids or for yourself, there are a few things you should know before you buy one Honeybee Onesies The first thing you should know is that you can buy one of these pajamas for your kids in the mall or online. […]

  • Alligator Kigurumi

    Alligator Kigurumi Whether you’re looking for a cute and cuddly baby onesie or a fun and quirky tee for your toddler, there’s an alligator kigurumi to suit your needs Cat Onesies Bobby Charles’ “See You Later Alligator” baby onesie During the golden age of rock and roll, the jukebox was the hot seat and the […]

  • Black Kigurumi Onesie

    Black Kigurumi Onesie Whether you want to wear your own black kigurumi as a costume, or you are just looking for a funky onesie to wear around the house, you will find a huge range of different designs on the internet Cheese Cat Onesies You can buy a black bat kigurumi, a black cat kigurumi, […]

  • Buying the Best Kigurumis

    Buying the Best Kigurumis Buying the best kigurumis is a big decision, but it’s one you should not make lightly Baymax Onesies You want to make sure you buy the best possible one for your child. That means finding one that’s warm, comfortable, and safe. It also means finding a brand that will last a […]

  • Gudetama Kigurumi

    Gudetama Kigurumi Whether you are looking for a Sanrio or Sazac Gudetama kigurumi, there are plenty of options to choose from Minions Onesies From the cute character to the more serious one, you can find the perfect one for you. Sanrio Gudetama Kigurumi Among the Sanrio Hello Kitty family of characters, there is one that […]

  • How to Make a Kigurumi

    How to Make a Kigurumi Whether you’re making a kigurumi for a costume, or just to keep as a cute toy, making a kigurumi is easy, cheap and can be a lot of fun Animal Hoodies The first step is to cut out the body pieces of your kigurumi. Then, line up the two body […]

  • Cute and Comfortable Summer Kigurumi

    Cute and Comfortable Summer Kigurumi Whether you are an adult or a child, the summertime is a time of fun and excitement Minions Onesies Especially when you get a chance to wear the cute, breathable, and comfortable summer kigurumi. These adorable summer costumes are perfect for any occasion, and will keep you looking cool, comfortable, […]

  • Totoro Kigurumi For Kids

    Totoro Kigurumi For Kids Getting a Totoro kigurumi for your child can be a great way to make him laugh Kids Onesies Totoro is a Japanese cartoon character with a unique look and a big personality. He has a wide range of products for kids to choose from including a hoodie, a onesie, a flannel […]