Frog Kigurumi

Frog Kigurumi

frog kigurumi


Unlike other onesies, this one is made for comfort Bear onesies It is designed to be a comfortable pajama with flippers, a white belly, and a roomy frog face hood. The frog kigurumi is suitable for adults and teens. It is designed to fit adults with heights of 182 cm or taller.

The frog kigurumi has a big, roomy frog face hood with folding back flippers. It is made with high quality material, so it is guaranteed to be comfortable and long-lasting. The frog kigurumi features a white belly and an endearing smile Animal Onesies It is a great costume to wear around the house or for Halloween. This costume is perfect for teens and adults, and it will make you look like a cute frog. The frog kigurumi comes in sizes small, medium, large, extra large, and extra large extra large.

If you are a big fan of the Frog from the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, you will love the Sazac Kigurumi Frog onesie. This costume is made for adults and teens, and features flippers, a white belly, and an endearing smile.