Adult Evangelion EVA 01 Kigurumi

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Adult Evangelion EVA 01 Kigurumi

Whenever I think of kigurumi, I think of a fun way to dress up Adult Onesies I’ve always loved dressing up and this is the perfect way to do it. I love the look of the kigurumi, and I always get compliments on them. I want to share the joy of dressing up with everyone.


Evangelion Unit-01, known as “Test Type” in the anime, is a robot that is piloted by Shinji Ikari. This robot was created by Gehirn’s Artificial Evolution Laboratory in Hakone from 2003 to 2004. Although he is a “non-prototype” Evangelion, he is also the only one who was created from the soul of Lilith Frog Onesies It is believed that the S2 Engine of Zeruel is only used by Unit-01.

In addition to piloting, Unit-01 acts as a guard for Shinji Ikari. It is equipped with an Entry Plug and shoulder pylons that can be opened to store a progressive knife. It is also able to act independently without instructions. This makes it a perfect choice for fans who want to play as a pilot without much hassle.

The Evangelion Unit-01 “Grow in the Dark” Kigurumi is perfect for Halloween, movie days, or clubbing. It’s made of ultra-soft plush material that is comfortable to wear. It features a loose design, buttons up at the front, and a character hood with a variety of markings. This costume can also be worn as pajamas. The costume is made from 100% polyester fleece, which is comfortable and soft. It is designed to fit children and adults of all sizes. It is available in infant sizes, toddler sizes, junior sizes, and adult sizes. It is available in a variety of colors, including purple, blue, yellow, and green. This costume is licensed by SAZAC and is available in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. It can be purchased online.

Evangelion Unit-01 has brown skin and two round green eyes. He is also equipped with shoulder pads and a detailed character hood. He has a mouth that is human-like, as well as four small nostrils. He is also equipped with a gorget made of several pieces of yellowish/orange color. It has a horn-like collar that is shaped like a single horn oni. The helmet also has a prominent horn on it. The helmet has a distinctive look, and each Eva has a different helmet. The helmet is the most prominent element of the character.

Unit-01 is the first Evangelion to have been created from the soul of Lilith, and it has been called “Test Type.” The character has been shown to be human-sized, and is also capable of acting independently. In the manga, Unit-01 plays a similar role as the anime counterpart. In addition to acting as a guard, Unit-01 also acts to serve other interests. It is believed that Unit-01 will be the eternal testament of the human race. It is also the first Evangelion to have been created in a test-run. As a result, Unit-01 is not used to its fullest potential until the Mass Production Evangelions are created. Until then, Unit-01 is mainly piloted by Shinji Ikari.


Designed to be both a no-hassle costume and comfortable pajama, the Adult Evangelion EVA 01 Kigurumi has been designed to look just like the mighty armored mecha from the popular anime series. It is made of soft polyester fleece and features a few nifty details like a hooded pyjama top, a zipper, and a plethora of markings.

The pyjama top is a clever design that features an actual hood, a buttoned front, and shoulder pads, making it a practical option for a variety of activities. The Evangelion pyjama is also well designed for comfort, with a breathable material that enables you to stay comfortable during the day and night. The kigurumi has been made to last and looks great on anyone.

The Adult Evangelion EVA 01 Kigurumi is definitely worth the price. It’s made of a quality polyester fleece and is the sexiest pyjama you’ll see. This pyjama is also the best choice for a group costume party. The Adult Evangelion EVA 01 Kigurumi may not be a cheap price tag, but it will be a memorable addition to any bedroom. It may not be the most comfortable option out there, but it’s certainly the best value.

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