When the world does not know that you are right, it will be a tragedy.
During the Second World War, as a hero, he shouldered the safety of the people of the country; modern society, as a witness to history, the cause he had fought for, and repeated again, the world did not return to peace as previously envisioned.
Perhaps when the heroes all disappear, it is time for the world to be truly peaceful.Because whenever the world needs a hero, it means that the world is facing challenges and suffering.
At the time of the birth of the Captain America , the country was facing panic. The world was in a period of war. It may not require a personal hero, but it requires military soldiers to guard the country’s territorial security and peoples freedom.
The Captain America came into being at this time.The birth of Captain America was accompanied by the death of Dr. Abraham Erskine.Whether it is an enemy or a friendly army, when a living life dies in front of you, and you can’t do anything, then you will understand that the hero is just a more powerful individual.
When conflicts and bloodshed are large enough, it is no longer a hero can stop it. Captain America can only defend one side and guard the country’s peace. Therefore, the Howling Commandos became the only special force to face the Hydra.
Hero means sacrifice. Heroes fight for everyone, but heroes also have mothers and wives and children.I don’t know if the captain of the US was thinking about world peace when he crashed, but I think he will know that his girlfriend, Carter, will definitely cry for him.Because Steve has another identity besides Captain America, it is Carter’s boyfriend.
captain america female cosplay costume have their own weaknesses.
When Thor’s father died, the Asgard territory exploded, and the Asgard people were slaughtered in front of him, he finally awakened and became a true hero.
Tony Stark was kidnapped by terrorists, and the missile fragments were almost inserted into the heart. The Ark reactor he built to survive was forced to become Iron Man.
Spiderman said, “The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility!”, but many people do not know the next sentence is “this is both a gift of fate to me and a curse to me.”
In Iron Man 3 ,Tony Stark suffered from the “post-war trauma syndrome” and constantly upgraded the armor to improve his sense of security. The highest working record is 72 hours of research and development. Finally rested, he was also suffering from nightmares.
In Avengers 3, Spider-Man has always been proud of becoming an “Avenger”, but when he finally turned into a fly ash, he also held Iron Man and said “Mr. Stark, I don’t want to die!”
Therefore, a hero, no matter for the world, or for the hero himself, is actually a kind of suffering. I hope there are no more heroes in the world. But paradoxically, the world still needs heroes, because heroes themselves represent hope. In dark times, heroes break the dark night sky for the world and bring dawn.